Sobriety for Life -

30 Day Starter Guide!

by: Becky Atkinson (recovering alcoholic)

I struggle daily with my sobriety and there would be days where I where I just wanted to give in. So to help myself, I created a 30 Day Starter Guide to help me and keep me on that path to sobriety. Now, I want to share that with YOU!

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Here's what you'll receive:


30 Day Activities

In the guide, you will get an activity a day to help you in your fight for sobriety! These activities will help you grow personally, receive inspiration, and improve your relationships!

Sobriety Centered Community

Look, if you get this guide, you will be part of a Sobriety Centered Community where I will share my tips and tools on how I achieved sustainable sobriety and how you can get there too.


Free 1:1 Consultation

If you need it, after you receive our guide, I will give you a free 1:1 meeting with me that way we can talk about how you can achieve sustainable sobriety.

Becky Atkinson

Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach

I became a Life and Recovery Coach because I passionately want to serve and help others. Transitions can be very hard to face. I know because I needed help during my own transition from being an alcoholic to embracing sobriety.

Like me, you can make profound changes to become who you want to be. I survived alcoholism, and all the problems associated with it. My husband and I have been married 19 years and are deeply in love and are best friends—and we are enjoying our lives like never before.


What My Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for your ideas, support and encouragement. I was able to accomplish the goals I set, both big and small. I was left feeling confident, energized and with and ‘okay whats next’ attitude.

Thank you Becky. I enjoyed this experience and am grateful for it."

Jacqueline Cardinal

"Becky is one of those people who is kind and you just “like” right away. Becky has coached me for the past couple months on some things that I would rather not mention on Yelp, but she’s amazing. She’s help me gather my thoughts, think about action steps I could take, and together we created plans. I feel very supported and already see lasting change in my life. I would highly recommend Becky as a coach."

Lindsay K.

"Becky is a great coach! Her peaceful appearance and presents make it very easy to open up to her. She always find the right questions and methods to work on the issues I encounter. We focused more on choosing the right path for me in a conflicting situation. Thanks to Becky I feel that I have chosen the correct path that does not interfere with my family life."

Yael. L

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